Retread Ted Strickland is the only candidate running to take Ohio back to the days of high unemployment and hurting Ohio families.

Retread Ted has been running for office for 40 years. In 1976, Retread Ted ran for Congress and lost. He ran and lost in 1978. He ran and lost in 1980. But the fourth time was the charm! In 1992, Retread Ted fulfilled his lifelong dream and became a member of Congress. This dream was short-lived as he was defeated in 1994, but then he reclaimed his seat in 1996.

Despite over a decade serving in Congress, Retread Ted failed to pass a single bill into law. But he did earn great distinctions like being one of the least powerful members of Congress, as well as one of the most absent members of Congress.

In 2007, Retread Ted became Ohio's Governor and he hasn't looked forward since. On his watch, Ohio ranked 48th in job creation, lost over 350,000 jobs, and unemployment soared. Companies fled the state, choosing to go to other states rather than remain in Retread Ted's Ohio.

In 2010, Retread Ted was fired by Ohio voters and booted from the Governor's Mansion. After suffering a devastating loss, Retread Ted moved to Washington, DC to run the lobbying arm of a far-left, pro-tax, anti-coal, anti-gun, pro-Obamacare special interest group where he proudly made $250,000 a year.

For the 2016 election, Retread Ted quit his high paying job and moved back to Ohio to run for Senate as the #1 recruit of the National Democrats and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ohio can't afford a return to Retread Ted's Ohio, but Retread Ted Strickland refuses to take no for an answer.