Democrats for Ted

“Ohio Democrats are worried about Ted Strickland … He’s been described as tired and unsteady on the stump, forgetting his opponent’s name and the office he’s running for.”
- PG Sittenfeld’s SuperPAC

“This is one of the urgent moral issues of our day. Ted Strickland has been wrong at every step of his career. We need senators that are going to have some courage.”
- PG Sittenfeld
City Club Debate

"If it’s with Ted, the race is about the past. We had that election and we lost it.”
- Former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Jim Ruvolo
Toledo Blade, 7/23/15

"When you see Ted, give him a hug and kiss him goodbye. He is a walking dead man"
- Democratic Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill
Columbus Dispatch, 4/13/15

"I believe PG is a breath of fresh air who gives our party its best chance of winning the November election."
- Former Governor Dick Celeste, 2/11/16

"Ted’s campaign seems to be modeled after the stealth aircraft in the U.S. Air Force inventory. He’s there, but you just can’t see him."
- Former Rep. Dennis Eckart
Columbus Dispatch, 1/22/16

"He's going to be 75. Everybody thinks he's the strongest candidate because the Democrats have such a weak bench."
- Jerry Austin, Democrat strategist
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1/30/15

"He's been ghost, he's not been speaking to any of the issues, he's refusing to debate"
- Former Democratic Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard
WBNS, 1/10/16